The Tipping Point Of Every Gathering…

Pre-COVID, when we used to put on countless in-person events.

I had a ritual during our planning.

It was all in service of preparing for the “tipping point moment”.

Days (sometimes months) before an event, I would walk from the hotel lobby to the meeting room entrance.

Then, i’d look for other pathways.

I’d walk from every possible hotel elevator.

I’d walk to the meeting space from the parking lot.

I’d walk in through the obscure back entrance as well.

My goal was very simple: to envision and experience exactly what participants would see, hear, and feel, as they came into a gathering.

The primary question to answer was this:

How will we create an experience of “welcoming”?

Keep in mind, our biology needs it.

Our brains need it.

If we want to optimize creativity, resilience, meaningful human connection…

Folks need to feel safe. They need to feel welcomed. .

So, how do we create the experience of welcoming?

Here’s a more detailed version of the same question:

How do we create an experience, where leveraging people, and physical space, the pathway to coming into the meeting is one where people feel truly welcomed?

Outside the room…

People are stationed as greeters.

Signage has names and faces of attendees.

Music matches the necessary mood.

Inside the room…

People are again prepared to greet others.

Music matches the necessary mood.

Nature, art, all decor is thoughtfully placed.

Lighting and room setup continue the mood from the initial greeting experience.

You get the idea.

One more thing… how does this all apply, if you only have yourself, and a very small meeting?


Same question: How will I create an experience of “welcoming”?

I’m certain you’ve already got powerful answers.

Stay Curious,

Jon Berghoff

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