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Think About This With Alexis Dean Podcast Feat. Jon Berghoff:

How to Create Belonging & Understanding in Challenging Times

7 Questions to Accelerate Your Evolution

In December of 2019, our leadership team at xchange honed in on our strategy for 2020. 3 Months l

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I have criticism for you…

“This was a waste of time.” “I thought this was off the mark.” “I didn’t enjoy w

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Community, from inside my sauna

(Typed this AM on my phone, from my sauna, please forgive … :) ) Have you noticed the emergence

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The Tipping Point Of Every Gathering…

Pre-COVID, when we used to put on countless in-person events. I had a ritual during our planning

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Facilitation Insights

Expectation Setting
The Conditions For Meeting Magic

ust wrapped up a training session with our xchange members.

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A Purpose Driven Company’s Annual Meeting Agenda

Business can be an incredible force for good.

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237 Reasons To Believe In Community

I’m up in the sky, on my way to hang with some of my best friends in the world, celebrating the bi

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