The Conditions For Meeting Magic

Just wrapped up a training session with our xchange members.

The topic: Creating the conditions for in-person event magic.

Here’s the #1 Problem with how so many meetings, events, and important gatherings are planned:

The attention, priority and focus is on the “content” that will be shared or presented.

In reality, this ought to be the third or fourth item we concern ourselves with.

It’s a problem, based on an outdated mental model around why we meet, and how we deliver on possibilities when we meet.

It’s a mental model that suggests…

… a few of us have all the answers for the rest of us
… the best way to spend time is passively consuming information
… we should sit in rows, at tables, with a physical room setup that screams “industrial age”

Here’s a few solutions…

#1 Prioritize conversations over content

What questions do we most need to ask and explore?

Who ought to be listening to, learning from, and leaning into conversation with who?

How might we engage as many voices as possible, while exploring our shared insight, experiences and perspectives?

Can we maximize the mixture of conversational structures so that we weave the geometry of the room – affecting all eyes seeing into all eyes – accelerating the psychological safety and potential to unlock potential?

And because our training was on in-person events, we also emphasized the importance of our physical space.

#2 Be Mindful of the Unified Space Principle

What’s the Unified Space Principle?

Everything a participant sees, hears, and feels, has an inseparable relationship with our ability to tap into individual and collective potential in a group.

What do they see?
From the quality of lighting to the symbols and signage to the use of art or nature… everything within eyesight affects the capacity of the group. Don’t forget, facilitating so that all eyes can see into all eyes becomes essential. Think… circles.

What do they hear?
The choice of the right music, at the right time, can shift, elevate or support the culture of a gathering, maybe more powerfully than in any other way.

What do they feel?
How are we physically organized, and how do we move through this space? Can we shift from seated to standing, to walking to anything that breaks patterns, elevates blood flow, and keeps us engaged?

That’s all for now.

And as always, don’t forget that everything we are exploring, can be affected in-person, and online.

Don’t believe us? Then come join our public workshop where we’ll show you exactly how we do it. Info in the P.S.

Stay Curious,

Jon Berghoff

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