What Is the Online xchange Experience (OXE) ?

The Online xchange Experience (“OXE”) is a transformational 3-day immersion that will change the way you think about designing and facilitating group experiences.

While informed by evidence-based, scientifically grounded methods, xchange is equally infused with the spirit of a deeply human approach.

Whether you’re hosting an online meeting, training, retreat, workshop, or event, OXE will give you the superpower of our generation: the ability to unlock collective potential, at scale.

Jon Berghoff and the xchange team dropped fire this week. They have (and masterfully share) the manual on how to extract deeply relevant wisdom from any group or team. It’s the closest thing to magic in business that I’ve seen. Highly recommend checking it out if you design and or orchestrate meetings, trainings, or other group engagements.

Jason Henkel

Founder and Chief Balance Engineer, Focus To Evolve, LLC

If You Lead, Teach, Or Convene Groups,
It’s Time To Do Things Differently

OXE is a globally recognized, pioneering approach to unlocking potential in any group.

  • Our world is now changing, exponentially faster than the rate at which we as human beings are equipped to adapt to change.
  • At this critical inflection point in our history, we need an entirely new set of paradigms, tools and techniques to truly be of service.
Rate Of Change
Unlocking Collective Consciousness
  • Never before have we needed to tap into our creative strengths, intuitive wisdom, and cooperative capacities – than right now.
  • The emerging opportunity, not of being the “sage on the stage”, but instead as the “guide on the side”, is presenting itself across multiple industries and professions.

Are you…

  • A teacher or expert looking to create a truly transformational learning experience?
  • A community builder who understands
    the business of belonging?
  • A coach or consultant aspiring to create
    widespread, lasting impact?
  • An organizational leader who needs to fully
    engage heads and hearts?

“The Online xchange Experience was packed with new ideas, and new approaches, But even more than that, it met the tremendous need for that human connection that is missing most in our world.”

Jana Cardon

Founder & Coach, Design 4 Success

The Online xchange Experience is the transformational
learning experience you’ve wished for.

A Trailblazer In Teaching The Art And Science Of Designing And Facilitating Transformational Experiences

With evidence-based methods, and world renowned teachers, OXE is at the
leading edge of what’s possible in group experiences.

  • Students

    15,000+ Students

    With students from over 45 countries, our program empowers thousands of leaders, coaches, community builders and consultants, transforming how we gather, all around the world.

  • Best customer experience

    9.53/10 Satisfaction

    Reflecting our commitment to excellence, this score showcases our students’ overwhelming appreciation for the transformative experience of OXE curriculum.

  • Science Backend method


    We fuse various disciplines—experiential learning, mindfulness, design thinking, appreciative inquiry, etc.—to provide a holistic, and comprehensive learning experience.

  • Industry Leaders

    Trusted By Industry

    From BMW, Meta, Google, and hundreds of Fortune 500 companies, xchange is trusted when the stakes are the highest and results matter.

  • Global Learning

    Powering Global
    Learning Communities

    From Conscious Capitalism, HeartMath, Women Presidents Organization, Arthur Page Society, and many more, our approach is the operating system when leaders of leaders come together to learn, connect and belong.

  • Training Facilators

    Expert Training

    Our team includes seasoned facilitators with diverse backgrounds, committed to delivering a rich, impactful learning journey.

Is The Online xchange Experience Right For You?


Yes, if you want to…

  • Shift any learning experience from passive to transformational
  • Create a thriving group culture by enabling real safety and authentic connection
  • Unlock the higher power of belonging, community, and collective potential in groups
  • Have confidence in scientifically grounded, proven tools that get results
  • Multiply your ability to create economic value and generate opportunities as a facilitator
  • Deepen your fulfillment as you match your skills with the deepest human needs of our time

Perhaps not if you…

  • Prefer to use outdated teaching and facilitation techniques
  • Aren’t interested in creating safety or connecting deeper with your group
  • Value teaching your content over creating deep connections and communities
  • Prefer to tap into the potential of only a few people, rather than the whole grou
  • Don’t recognize the disadvantages of using a loose or unstructured approach
  • Prefer to simply do what most other trainers, consultants, teachers are doing
  • Aren’t interested in evolving, fine-tuning, or mastering your craft as a facilitator

We Believe…

In A World Where Old Models, Paradigms And Tools Are Now Doing More Harm Than Good, We Need A New Way To Bring Out The Best In Groups.

“A wonderful 3 days with xchange – such incredible learning and connection. These folks are masters at facilitation and creating an amazing container for people to grow, feel safe, and move towards their objectives.”

Edward Wexler-Beron

Executive Coach And Leadership Development Consultant


The Only Transformational Training Of Its Kind

In the heart of OXE, lies the promise of transformation, not just for you, but
for those you lead, teach, and convene. Take the leap. The future awaits.


Neuroscience of Transformational Learning

How we’re wired to learn, connect and belong. And how connection and belonging are needed first, to unlock our highest capacities to solve problems, create new possibilities or think critically.


Business of Belonging

Discover an evidence based toolkit for enabling psychological safety and a connection to a shared, transcendent purpose – key ingredients to enable belonging in any group.

online faciltiation

xchange Operating System

Our guiding compass for how we initiate, design and facilitate powerful experiences. Access our comprehensive, step by step approach, combining practical precision to experiential wholeness. The end result is an exponential impact.

heart of q

Heart of Question Design

Gain expertise in how questions enable us to scale up curiosity, learning, intimacy, healing and everything else important to a group experience. You’ll have our full playbook of questions, and space to custom Taylor them for your unique learning experiences.


Magic of Conversational Choreography

As revealed in the research on collective intelligence, you’ll discover how to design and facilitate new interaction patterns for any transformational group experience.


Abundant Generosity of Resources

From tools and templates, to accessing our own intellectual property, to the workbooks and agendas, xchange takes pride in giving you what you’ll need to take our approach into your world, naturally, effectively and quickly.


Networking & Collaborative Opportunities

Connect with a global network of professionals and equip yourself with future-proof facilitation skills that can increase your impact, income, and fulfillment.

Daily Schedule

Each Day Will Include

  • 10:00 a.m.-10:15 a.m., EST

    OPTIONAL Connection Time!

  • 10:15 a.m.-10:30 a.m., EST

    Live Music Jam Session

  • 10:30 a.m.-1:30 p.m., EST

    Morning Sessions

  • 1:30 p.m.-2:30 p.m., EST

    Break & OPTIONAL Lunch Sessions

  • 2:30 p.m.-5:30 p.m., EST

    Afternoon Sessions

Hear From Change Agents Like You

Supriya Venkatesan
Curt Thomas
Karen DeLange
Natasha Sell
Kevin McCaughey
Gloria Nantulya
John Saunders
Cassie Zhang
Elizabeth McCarty
Burke Mays
Kristen Friedrichs

“Simply life-changing. These learnings not only help you facilitate conversations with more depth but change you in the process, for the better.”

Supriya Venkatesan

High Performance Coach, Lawyerist

“Completely transformed how I will practice facilitation. Powerful experience and content.”

Curt Thomas

CEO & Founder, Denali Consulting Group

“I was completely blown away. I've SEEN good facilitation, but nothing like this. This is magical! The best part -- They pulled back the curtain and taught us how we, too, can create these amazing connections within our networks. OXE is Priceless.”

Karen DeLange

Director of Operations, Alternative HR, LLC

“3 days of abundant generosity of content, connection, fun, amazing questions, masterful facilitation and so much more!”

Natasha Sell

Co-Founder of Sutra

“xchange delivered not a 3-day training but a 3-day transformation...new ways for teams to tap into potential, possibilities and opportunities with extraordinary results! OUTSTANDING!”

Kevin McCaughey

Vice President Marketing, QCSS

“An incredible three days of learning and growing...ready to put what I have learned into action. Also, one of the MOST flawless events I have ever attended, they are seriously the best of the best. Everyone could use a support team and leaders like this!”

Gloria Nantulya

Founder and Director, Tuliyo Sports

"The last 3 days of xchange training have given me much deeper insight into how to design experiences that will powerfully move groups forward by creating trust and connection and bringing all the voices into the room. This not only creates a deliverable, but moves a group towards making things happen. What I learned opened my eyes as to how to do things fundamentally better, so that gatherings are much more lifegiving, even when online."

John Saunders

Consultant, Facilitator, Coach, Speaker, Writer

“The Online xchange Experience was truly transformational and exceptional from the customer service, content, delivery, and so much more. I've been looking for something like this for a long time. Absolutely everything and everyone in this program resonated with me. Thank you, thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart. I look forward to co-creating more in the future!”

Cassie Zhang

Artist, Educator, Coherence Trainer

“Grateful for 3 illuminating days! Meaningful conversations and impactful content implemented by an inspiring and masterful team.”

Elizabeth McCarty

Life Coach

“I came here to get better at leading small groups as a health coach and facilitator. I'm leaving this training with a new way to intentionally design my interactions with others.”

Burke Mays

Doctor of Chiropractic

“Three days of mind-blowing experiential learning and incredible humans living out their values as well as finding community and belonging through sharing, listening, reflecting, loving, and music/dancing...this was the definition of a life-changing experience. Thank you xchange for your abundant generosity!”

Kristen Friedrichs

Statewide Health Improvement Partnership (SHIP) Coordinator, Brown Nicollet Community Health Board

Meet Your Trainers

These are your dedicated trainers , the guides by your side, leading
you on this transformative journey.

Jon Berghoff

Jon Berghoff

Co-Founder & CEO of xchange

Jon Berghoff

Jon Berghoff

Co-Founder & CEO of xchange

As the creator and founder of xchange, Jon Berghoff is considered a pioneer in the field of transformational group facilitation. He is the collective wisdom whisperer to global CEO summits, leadership conferences, and high-stakes gatherings for organizations like Conscious Capitalism, Women Presidents Organization, HeartMath®, Arthur Page Society, NASA, Keller Williams and many more. Over 15,000 coaches, consultants and change agents are now using xchange to redefine how we unlock potential at scale through transformational learning experiences.

Adair Cates

Adair Cates

Head of Conscious Leadership & Senior Trainer

Adair Cates

Adair Cates

Head of Conscious Leadership & Senior Trainer

Adair Cates serves as a Senior Trainer at xchange and is the heart and soul behind our Awakening Conscious Leadership Experience ("ACLE"). This groundbreaking program explores the nexus of neuroscience, mindfulness, and breathwork to elevate influential leadership. ACLE has garnered attention from a stellar faculty, featuring experts like Rollin McCraty, PhD (HeartMath®), Raj Sisodia (Conscious Capitalism), Dr. Deborah Rozman (HeartMath®), Dr. Becky Acabchuk (Roundglass), Dr. Yvette Miller (Red Cross), Dr. Dan Diamond (NogginStorm), Margaret Wheatley (Author/Berkana Institute), Lee Mallis (Pranic Soul), and Julianna Raye (Unified Mindfulness).

Stephanie Courtillier

Stephanie Courtillier

Community Steward & Trainer

Stephanie Courtillier

Stephanie Courtillier

Community Steward & Trainer

Stephanie Courtillier is an experienced facilitator with a superpower to design and nurture communities where conscious leaders can thrive. She serves as the xchange Community Steward, guiding our members to join, engage and make the most of their membership. As a mom and business owner, Stephanie actively integrates and embodies the work of conscious facilitation in her personal and professional life.

Steve Bouchard

Steve Bouchard

Head of Training & Client Relations

Steve Bouchard

Steve Bouchard

Head of Training & Client Relations

Steve Bouchard, Head of Training at xchange, has been instrumental in establishing what many regard as the gold standard for creating transformational learning experiences. As curriculum designer and lead facilitation coach, Steve serves our vibrant, global community of xchange students from over 40 countries. He is also the guiding force in our most significant client partnerships, having worked with industry giants like Google, Conscious Capitalism, Second Nature, American Petroleum Institute, Stanford, EOS, and Clarke, among others.

Leah Michael

Leah Michael

Integrator & Senior Trainer

Leah Michael

Leah Michael

Integrator & Senior Trainer

As a sought-after Transformation Coach and Experience Designer, Leah Lovelight founded Lovelight Way, renowned for its transformative self-love journey. She is also a co-creator of REVEAL Retreats for women and an esteemed author of "Modern Fear The Invisible Prison". She is also the host of the empowering Lovelight Micro-Dose Conversations podcast. As a soulFULL teacher, Leah guides heart-centered leaders, change makers, soul seekers, and intuitive, curious individuals, utilizing her expertise as a Master Facilitator, international award-winning retreat leader, certified xchange Guide, Breathwork Facilitator, and intenSati Leader. Having spent 16 years in corporate America, Leah recognized the importance of balancing her type A personality with her intuitive connection to life. Leah firmly believes that the change in the world starts within, and her mission is to empower those who seek to support others, fostering collective growth and rising together as a community.

Risk free

Try OXE Risk-Free

At the end of three days with us, if you don’t believe we’ve overdelivered
on our promises, we encourage you to request a refund.

Our Promises To You
After OXE, You Will Be Able To:

  • Shift any learning experience from passive to transformational

  • Unlock the higher power of belonging, community, and collective
    potential in groups

  • Have confidence in scientifically grounded, proven tools that get

  • Multiply your ability to create economic value and generate
    opportunities as a facilitator

  • Create A Thriving Group Culture By Enabling Real Safety And
    Authentic Connection

  • Deepen your fulfillment as you match your skills with the deepest
    human needs of our time

On the other hand, if we’ve gone beyond your expectations, we will channel additional donations toward scholarship opportunities for leaders in mental health, social justice, and other societal impact spaces.

“This was an exceptional experience. It has given me clarity for business, but also healing on a personal level. The people I have met here are spectacular. I don’t think I’ve ever been part of a group with so many extraordinary people doing incredible things to make the world a better place.”

Alinajoy Dubois


Your Questions Answered

Here are the answers to some questions you might have about the OXE. Don’t see what you’re looking for? Get in touch with our team and ask away! We’d be happy to help.

What is the focus of this facilitation training program?

Our facilitation training program, the Online xchange Experience, concentrates on unlocking collective intelligence to gain a competitive advantage. We provide comprehensive facilitator training courses on:

  • Neuroscience Of Transformational Learning Experiences: Understand how we’re hardwired to learn, connect, and belong. And how we need connection and belonging first, to unlock our highest capacity to solve problems, create new possibilities, and think critically.
  • Business Of Belonging: Discover an evidence-based toolkit that fosters psychological safety and a connection to a shared, transcendent purpose – key ingredients that enable belonging in any group.
  • xchange Operating System: Our blueprint for initiating, designing, and facilitating powerful experiences. Access our comprehensive, step-by-step methodology that merges practical precision with holistic experiences, yielding exponential impact.
  • Heart Of Question Design: Master the art of framing questions to amplify curiosity, learning, intimacy, healing, and all key aspects of group experiences. Benefit from our complete playbook of questions and the flexibility to adapt them to your unique learning scenarios.
  • Magic Of Conversational Choreography: Drawing from collective intelligence research, you’ll discover how to design and facilitate new interaction patterns for any transformational group experience.
  • Generous Abundance Of Resources: At xchange, we offer a wealth of resources to fast-track your success. From open-source tools and templates to videos, agendas, and checklists, our comprehensive library is freely accessible, empowering you to integrate our approach swiftly and efficiently.
  • Networking & Collaborative Opportunities: Engage with a global community of facilitation professionals, enriching your own professional journey.

Who is the facilitator training intended for?

This training is designed for anyone seeking to train to be a facilitator. It caters to coaches, consultants, trainers, and leaders worldwide, making it an excellent choice for those looking to enhance their facilitation skills.

What does a typical day look like during this facilitation training program?

Our facilitator training courses comprise optional connection time and live music, followed by interactive morning and afternoon sessions with breaks in between. Sessions feature hands-on activities, insight segments, member panels, and experiences designed to amplify your learning.

What if I have no prior experience? Can I still train to be a facilitator?

Yes, our facilitation training is designed for beginners and seasoned professionals. Whether you are completely new or looking to enhance your skills, our program can help you unlock your potential as a facilitator.

What if I am not satisfied with your training on facilitation skills?

We offer a full or partial refund if, upon completing your third full day of the Online xchange Experience, you don’t believe your investment was worth it.

What should I do if your facilitator training courses exceed my expectations?

If our training in group facilitation highly exceeds your expectations, you’re welcome to make an additional donation. These funds will be used to provide training scholarships for leaders in fields like mental health and social justice.

When are the upcoming dates for the facilitating training courses?

For upcoming OXE dates, click here.

Invest In Your Facilitation Future

Zero-Risk Promise: If You’re Not Satisfied By The Third Day Of OXE, We’d Be Happy To Issue A Full Or Partial Refund. Your Investment Is Safe With Us.

One-Time Payment




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