Facilitation To Magnetize Client

Yesterday, I had an opportunity to be interviewed on how to sell transformational work, at the Transformational Learning Summit, hosted by good friends Lorenz and Natasha, founders of Sutra.

About ten minutes into the interview with Lorenz, I stopped, and asked the audience a question.

How would you describe how you feel, right now, about the first 10 minutes of our time together?

The answers started rolling in…

Elevated and aligned.




Very good.

Deep resonance.

… over 100 responses, in total.

Over 90% of them were positive, supportive, and leaning in.

I pointed out, right then and there, a few lessons about the power of working with groups, and how we can move an audience towards greater intimacy, commitment and investment with us.

1. Real-time proof.

Anytime a participant, customer, or audience member can validate – in real time – the power of what we are doing, this is good. Very good.

If you think about it… there’s hardly a single data point that is more valuable, than real time feedback, to validate, support, and give credibility to any experience we are leading.

Who cares what I say, or think, about my work. I want to know what the participants think. And when I can create wins, in real time… that’s good for us all.

2. Ignore the 10%, focus on the 90%.

We can’t be all things to all people. I’ve done enough group work to know that the few folks who didn’t enjoy the first few minutes with me, weren’t who I needed to worry about. The ego tries to tell me otherwise. The wiser self knows to lean into those who resonate. Don’t worry about changing the perspective of those who don’t align with me.

3. Create Simple Onramps.

Some call it a “call to action”. Many of us think we need to overthink this. I didn’t have anything prepared, any sort of fancy digital funnel put together. I was just me, the group, and the zoom chat box.

To prove to the group that we don’t need ANYTHING prepared, in order to convert an audience into warm leads, I did something very simple.

I was in the middle of showing the group one of our workbooks, from our transformational facilitation 101 workshop. The workbook is 12 pages, and I was quickly flipping through, so they could see the overall strategy of how our workbooks are laid out.

I wasn’t going to sit there, and belabor every detail, of all 12 pages.

In real time, I realized, many of these folks might want a copy of this workbook, for their own learning, on their own time.

So, what did I do?

I created a simple onramp. I asked the question:

Who here would like a copy of this workbook? Pop your name and info in the chat box.

Out of 140 participants, over 90 asked for a copy of the workbook, within less than 15 seconds.


That’s 90 leads, in an instant, with nothing prepped ahead of time.

Just a simple strategy.

Here’s the bottom line:
When doing group work – in person, or online – there are so many simple ways to invite an audience to advance their relationships with us.

Would you like to watch me do it, live, and in real time?

Come join me on February 23rd, our FINAL workshop, before we lead our flagship 3 day immersion training, the Online xchange Experience, in March.

All the best,


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