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The Kingsley Grant Show:

How To Use Good Questions And Conversations To Unlock Wisdom At Rapid Speed And Increase Engagement with Jon Berghoff And Kingsley Grant

Achieve Your Goals With Hal Elrod:

The Superpower of Our Time

Beyond Curious With Brandon Fong Interviews Jon Berghoff:

Unlocking Human Potential at Scale & Scaling Up Curiosity

Unlocking Collective Potential

I’m up in the sky, on my way to hang with some of my best friends in the world, celebrating the bi

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Facilitator Field Guide – Mar

Just wrapped up a training session with our xchange members.

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The $180 Million Leadership Lesson That Changed My Career

In 2010, at 27 years old, I was hired by Jodi Berg, CEO at the Vitamix Corporation, to lead the dire

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6 Questions to Transition Into 2023

At xchange, we had the privilege of directly teaching over 3,000 change agents (consultants, coaches

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8 ways to transform our meetings

(If you enjoy this email, be awesome and forward to a friend!) If we can transform our meetings, ou

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Isn’t this modern magic?

Next week, our team will be leading 800 leaders, across 3 days. But here’s what’s cool.

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The invisible force behind quadrupling our revenue…

Subject: The invisible force behind quadrupling our revenue… This time of year, I love the oppo

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Facilitation To Magnetize Client

Yesterday, I had an opportunity to be interviewed on how to sell transformational work, at the Trans

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The Need For Heart-Centered Exclusion

If you’ve witnessed healthy culture, amongst any group (in person or online), you’ve seen first

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