Isn’t this modern magic?

Next week, our team will be leading 800 leaders, across 3 days.

But here’s what’s cool.

500 Participants (executives & senior managers) work for one of the largest (and oldest) technology companies in the world.

And they’ll be in person, in Miami, FL.

The other 300 participants (coaches, consultants, change agents), will be attending our flagship 3-day Online xchange Experience (OXE) training, zooming in from 14 countries.

Yes, both events are happening simultaneously.

And while we have a world class team that will be sharing the responsibility with me for our OXE training, I’ll be in the room, in Miami, facilitating a global leadership summit.

For 3 days in Miami, we are helping a global leadership team to tap into their collective intelligence, leveraging the power of questions and conversations that will:

  • deepen their connection to a shared purpose
  • unlock lessons from crowdsourced stories of successful execution
  • imagine the future they most want to be celebrating
  • as well as considering who they need to be, as leaders

While on zoom, we’ll be teaching others, how to design and facilitate gatherings in ways that will:

  • Explore the neuroscience of transformational learning experiences
  • Leverage the business case for group experiences that invite belonging
  • Utilize our xchange Operating System for designing and facilitating to unlock potential, at the scale of any group
  • And here’s the part that I hope we never lose sight of…

    I can be in two places at once next week, because of Zoom.

    To be able to have an incredibly interactive, highly human, magically meaningful experience, online… is magical.

    The accessibility, reduction of cost, and exponential opportunity to create networks of relationships… it’s still unfathomable for those of us who are leading the charge, with online gatherings.

    Zoom is like a transportation vehicle where we can be anywhere with anyone, at the speed of imagination, and at the largest scale we want.

    And for those of us who have heard about “zoom fatigue”… remember, that’s simply a misdiagnosis.

    It’s a symptom, not the problem.

    It’s more accurately called “shitty meeting design fatigue.” It’s called “lack of quality facilitation fatigue.”

    But if we do it right… our ability to reach the whole world, with the click of a link…

    It’s modern magic.

    Stay Curious,

    Jon Berghoff

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