Invitation or Notification


Notification or Invitation?

Pre-event communication, in a way that prepares participants for an event and sets proper expectations, is a key ingredient to success, whether you’re hosting an online or in-person event.

When setting expectations for an experience, remember that it’s important to tell people what to expect and what the event “is” and oftentimes, it’s equally important to communicate what the event “is not”, so there’s confusion on what to expect.

If hosting an in-person event, it can be very beneficial to host an online pre-event kickoff meeting, similar to what we do for OXE.

At xchange, we very rarely do any in-person work anymore, without first convening the group online, in a way that accomplishes three important goals:

Provide a firsthand experience of the substance and style of what to expect at the main event
Share important information
Build momentum and excitement for the gathering
Watch this 3-min. Facilitation Insights video, from a recent Design Studio, where Steve shares more on this important concept.

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