Head and Heart


Enrollment is one of the most important skills to have as a Facilitator.

In essence, enrollment is when the facilitator provides simple and powerful statements, which let your participant group know what you’re doing next and why it’s important.

Our Recommendation – is the use of enrollment at the level of the “Activity” (what’s happening next and why it’s important) and the “Question” itself (why the topic / discussion we’re about to explore is relevant and valuable).

Head and Heart – taking it a step further, enrollment statements should always be provided to satisfy both the head (🧠 logical) and heart (💗emotional).


“What we’re about to do next is _____________, and that’s important because _____________”

“We’ll be exploring a question that will allow you to share 🧠 key lessons and learning with each other, one of the main reasons you showed up today and at the same time, it will give you an opportunity to💗connect with each other on a human level.

Why it Matters: Without enrollment your participants may be consciously or subconsciously distracted by either not knowing what’s happening next and/or questioning if it’s a good use of time.

Enrollment is a powerful tool to ensure your participants stay engaged and focused on the activity every time.

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