1 skill, 3 examples, many industries…

When musician and keynote facilitator Peter K. took the stage to kick off the National Speakers Association annual conference, he did something different.

He didn’t just speak.

He facilitated.

He facilitated an experience that leveraged the best of experiential learning, combined with leading behavioral science research, to connect the whole room to a shared sense of purpose.

Peter’s career has been on an exponential rise, since he infused facilitation into his speaking.

When Jen D. led 16 leaders through a 90 minute group coaching experience, she did something different.

She didn’t coach.

She facilitated.

She facilitated an experience we call “wisdom circles”, leveraging the collective intelligence of the room, turning learners into teachers, peers into coaches.

Participants rated the session a 9.7, and praised it as the best leadership training session they’ve experienced, to date.

When Carrie S. recently led 165 employees in a monthly team meeting, she did something different.

She didn’t talk.

She facilitated.

Carrie followed the CEO, who led a reflection on 2023, and shared the vision of 2024, by inviting the participants to have a conversation about the past, and the future.

Leveraging zoom, shifting 165 participants into small groups of 4, 100% of the employees had a chance to be seen, heard and felt.

At the end of the hour, participants raved that the experience of connecting, even from across the country, was deeply meaningful, and vitally important.

In each case, these speakers, consultants and organizational leaders are using the xchange approach to unlock learning, connecting and a genuine sense of belonging.

I’d love to know, where have you used xchange facilitation, to engage a group in a new or different way?

And if you haven’t yet used xchange, what would be your dream for a powerfully facilitated experience?

I’d love to know.

Stay Curious,


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