Using Technology to Nurture a Group Between Convenings


When convening a group on an ongoing basis over time and space, it’s important to consider how you’ll nurture the group between in-person or online convenings, as a way to maintain the momentum and health of the community.

One of the most impactful ways to build and encourage engagement is to create opportunities during one of your live (in-person or online) events, where you invite group members to engage with or do something inside the digital space – invite them to do something and then allow them to actually take action in real time.

Several good examples of this within the xchange community are how we nurture our Facebook group by creating opportunities to engage with posts during our live (online) events like OXE, ACLE, Advanced Trainings, etc. We also use What’sApp groups for our event Leadership Teams and create opportunities for them to engage in the channel before, during and after the event they’ll be supporting.

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