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XCHANGE Certified Guide & Strategic Thinking Partner

With 25+ years of practical experience in creativity and innovation, I work as a Thinking Partner with modern organizations, leaders, agents and coaches. I help them design and facilitate strategic execution maps to bridge their key gaps between strategic expectations and experiences. My specialty is elevating engagement, alignment and commitment of clients, teams and supporters. Together, they grow value, revenue and impact.

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Based in Los Angeles since 1979, Jorge Sciupac has been called “The Partnering Architect.” As international author, speaker, coach and group facilitator, he has used unique Marketing, Management, and Mentoring methods to help many well-known world-class organizations like The J.P. Getty Trust, Callison, VTBS, Timberlake, EEK, MCG, and other for-profits and nonprofits. His strong interpersonal, technical, and creative skills have been media featured and peer recognized for results in USA and many countries in 3 continents, leading more than 178 large programs and projects (from $10M to $ 900M each).

With a worldwide background in Business, Psychology, Architecture and Communications; as well as advanced education from prestigious schools such as Pepperdine, UCLA, USM, and UBA; Jorge became responsible for successfully leading international teams, departments, regionals offices, and companies in multiple industries. His Work, Mission and Passion is to help design and build innovative business environments that foster significant alignment, engagement and commitment of teams, clients and allies.

As Senior Managing Director of PARTNERGIES since 1999, Jorge’s life has been dedicated to Co-Creative Capacity Building for: • Modern Strategic Execution of Plans, Programs and Projects • Smarter Leadership Transitions of Executive Teams and Boards • Sustainable Results, Retention and Referrals

Having grown up around Latin-American restrictions and uncertainties, Jorge Sciupac traveled and changed environments, countries, cultures, careers, and companies, learning first-hand the value of thinking, working, and growing well with others.

When he is not speaking, working, traveling, or collaborating with clients, teams, friends, students and allies, Jorge enjoys spending time with family, volunteering for youth organizations, reading, and occasional dancing. He is always developing synergies.

Jorge Sciupac could be reached at and at

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