Dr. Philip Merry

Founder & CEO of PMCG, Dr. Phil Merry, is a global leadership and team consultant, coach and speaker for 41 years and has delivered learning events in 61 countries. Phil focuses on team excellence, cultural intelligence, spiritual fulfillment, mindlessness and BEING happy. Phil is the Singapore regional representative for Belbin Team Roles – and has been a Belbin Certified Trainer since 1985. Former head of leadership training for Reuters, Phil works with well-known global organizations, is a United Nations consultant and organized Singapore’s first happiness conference where he created the Search (and book) for Singapore’s Happiest People. Singapore resident since 1990. Phil completed a PhD in synchronicity with David Cooperrider as his supervisor and is the only person in the world with a grounded theory PhD in Leadership & Synchronicity. A Dr Joe Dispenza NeuroChangeSolutions consultant,HeartMath certified facilitator and Appreciative Inquiry consultant, Phil enjoys linking his work with the ability to help leaders transform in times of change.

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