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As we surge forward, disrupting traditional teaching norms, our membership
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Membership is an annual commitment, which renews as a monthly commitment after your first 12-months of membership. Early Cancellation is subject to a 50% fee.
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Hear From xchange Members

Doreen Steenland
Brianna Greenspan
Glenda Lopez
Dawn Pensack
Jorge Sciupac
Carolyn Colleen
Jen Dulin
Julie Caprera
Janna Jorgensen
Cathy Fisher
Leigh Bogar
Dr. Cynthia Whitaker
Monica Sherese
Radu Chiriac

"So grateful for this community which helps me uplevel my facilitation skills and impact the world through connection. xchange has changed the way I look at speaking and teaching events. Plus the community stands for love, and abundant generosity---they live by their values without using the words."

Doreen Steenland

Consultant, Trainer, Speaker and President & CEO, Living Full Life Coaching

“Joining as an xchange member and attending these events year after year has been the best financial decision of my life. The community has expanded in the most beautiful way. I’m confident my impact has been expanded 100 fold. What you are experiencing here this week is just the tip of the iceberg…in terms of community, connection, and content."

Brianna Greenspan

Health & Wellness Coach and Genetics Consultant

“The xchange community is exceptional. The journey it has enabled for me I couldn't even envision when I first decided to attend a free online introductory course"

Glenda Lopez

Corporate Consultant and Trainer

“xchange membership is the BEST investment ever - a gift that keeps giving. There are SO MANY resources and endless support in the community to help you at every step of the way. It’s absolutely INCREDIBLE.”

Dawn Pensack

Founder/CEO, Dawn Pensack Coaching

"What the xchange community has been giving me is the clarity, confidence, and tools to raise the level of services I am offering to clients and communities."

Jorge Sciupac

Managing Principal, Coach & Consultant, Partnergies

"The xchange community is completely worth the investment. Investing in yourself and investing in your future potential of either being an intrapreneur or an entrepreneur — being in this community, you will receive more than what you are investing hands down."

Carolyn Colleen

Speaker, Author, Founder of Fierce Foundation

"The xchange community is the holy grail of group process facilitation that I have been looking for! It marries mindfulness, high-performing teams, AI, strengths-based work and just being a great human."

Jen Dulin

Leadership Development Consultant, Facilitator & Coach

"The biggest impact xchange membership has had is giving me a roadmap and more tools for my tool belt so that I can work with the audience that I love. I can be more effective at helping them come to their own discoveries. It has revolutionized my thinking."

Julie Caprera

Co-owner, CARE Homeschool Consulting

“Being a member of xchange Is the best investment I’ve made in myself. The learning never ends!!”

Janna Jorgensen

Founder & Principal, Ion Leadership Consulting

“This membership is a real life MBA. Practical & applicable learning. REAL!!!”

Cathy Fisher

President, Quistem

“xchange membership is helping me fulfill my purpose and passion by providing the frameworks, questions, training, connections, etc. that are propelling me into new opportunities. My experience has truly unlocked my potential at scale! Grateful Working toward an MBA in xchange"

Leigh Bogar

Director of Community Relations, Papasan Properties Group @ Keller Williams Realty

“My xchange membership is 10x the value of my MBA."

Dr. Cynthia Whitaker

President & CEO at Greater Nashua Mental Health

"The value of the xchange membership is truly exceptional, invaluable and indescribable. If you are anywhere in the decision-making yourself and DO IT!"

Monica Sherese

Business Transformation Consultant and Certified Professional Coach, Twist Solutions Inc

"xchange is a great community where you can meet amazing like-minded people focused on improving themselves and helping those around them and whole communities."

Radu Chiriac

Liaison Manager, Roya Worldwide

What You Need To Know

Feeling called to join the xchange community? We’ve addressed some of the
most pressing questions to streamline your facilitation training journey with us.

Why should I get certified? What’s in it for me?

There are many reasons why you may choose to pursue the path to becoming a Certified xchange Guide, here’s a few reasons our members most commonly share:

  • Master Your Craft: Become a Certified xchange Guide to satisfy your drive for personal and professional growth. Elevate your skills in facilitation and group leadership, showcasing your commitment to mastery.
  • Accountability in Action: Certification is your route to accomplishment and skill development. Establish accountability by joining a community of like-minded individuals dedicated to personal and professional success.
  • Trusted Expertise: Leverage the credibility of a globally trusted brand. As a Certified xchange Guide, be the preferred partner for industry leaders, designing meetings that unlock collective intelligence.
  • Community Connection: Immerse yourself in a purpose-driven community. Join change agents dedicated to transformation, as you learn to design gatherings that make a difference. Welcome home, to a place where you can connect, learn and belong.

How do I become a Certified xchange Guide?

As a Mastery (Level 2) or Mentorship (Level 3) Member your path to Guide Certification is below and your membership fee includes all associated fees for certification, so there is no additional charge.

  • Earn (70) Educational Credit Hours by Attending Training Events
    • Online Immersions (OXE & ACLE) = 18 Educational Credit Hours each, attend OXE 2x and ACLE 1x
    • Online Advanced Trainings = 4 Educational Credit Hours each, attend 4x Advanced Trainings


  • Serve on an xchange event Leadership Team (OXE or ACLE)
  • Remain an active member of the xchange community in good standing
  • Submit (8) #DEBRIEF posts in our members only Facebook group, following the approved format
  • Submit your application for approval and successfully pass the core competency exam


After your application is approved, pay the applicable one-time $500 certification fee (waived for Mastery (Level 2) or Mentorship (Level 3) Members). Your certification is valid for 12 months. To maintain your certification, follow the renewal process:

  • Remain an active member of the xchange community in good standing
  • Earn a minimum of (16) Educational Credit Hours within the 12-mo. period
  • Submit (4) #DEBRIEF posts in our Facebook group within the 12-mo. period
  • Submit the required renewal form, along with a $250 renewal fee (waived for Level 2 and Level 3 members)


*xchange reserves the right to make reasonable modifications to the certification requirements and process and will update our documentation from time to time as changes are implemented.

What topics are taught in the Advanced Online Trainings?

Available to Mastery (Level 2) or Mentorship (Level 3) Members, Advanced Training sessions are half to full-day online events, hosted by the xchange Team and focused on one of three topic areas: Designing & Facilitating, Presencing and Business Development.

Some of the topics covered include:


  • Deep Dives on xchange Interview and Crowdsource Choreographies
  • Psychology of Engaging the Subconscious
  • Adaptive Design & Facilitation
  • xchange Integrated Hybrid Model
  • Facilitation Mastery: Language, Visuals, Transitions
  • Examples of multi-day trainings, conferences, ongoing group coaching
  • agendas


  • How to Create Facilitation Opportunities: Scripts, Emails, Proven Strategies 
  • “Experiential Introduction”: Create real-time proof,  capture leads and sales
  • Facilitated Sales Conversations: How to master the Strength / Humility balance
  • Community Building: Learn from our wins and struggles

Is the xchange Approach right for me if I'm just starting my business and/or I don't currently lead, teach or convene any type of group yet?

Yes, if leading, teaching or convening groups is an aspiration of yours, the xchange Approach is likely the fastest path for you to be successful.

Between our training and Learning Lab resources, modeling how we build our own community and business, and the connections you can form across our network of members, this is THE place to be, for purpose driven change agents who want to unlock the power of groups.

Is the xchange Approach good for one-to-one coaching?

Absolutely! One of the fundamental learnings in the xchange Approach is question design, which is an excellent opportunity to hone your skills and get better results with your clients. You will also learn how to effectively convene small groups and design conversations for exponential outcomes, giving you the ability to design and host valuable group coaching sessions for your clients.

Is individual coaching offered as part of membership?

Members of the xchange community have access to several forms of coaching:

Foundations (Level 1) Members have access to hours of recorded coaching sessions inside of the xchange Learning Lab. Level 1 members also have access to “peer coaching” through our “Practice Sessions” offered on a monthly basis.

Mastery (Level 2) Members receive the same access as Foundations (Level 1) Members AND may attend live Design Studio Group Coaching sessions with the xchange team for support. For many members, this benefit alone is worth the price of membership.

Mentorship (Level 3) Members receive the same access as Mastery (Level 2) Members AND may also join live Design Studio Group Coaching sessions with Jon Berghoff (Founder of xchange).

Additionally, you’ll find opportunities to give and receive support among the membership community at our Practice Sessions, Advanced Online Trainings, Business Accelerator, ASK/GIVE events and inside the private (members only) Facebook group and Learning Lab.

Is it possible to upgrade my membership?

Yes, you can upgrade your membership at any time during the annual subscription period by reaching out to a member of our Admissions Team. Upon upgrading, you are required to begin a new one year term, and you are subject to the current published rates. What we cannot promise is that our prices will be the same. Additionally, Action Taker discounts, savings of up to $1,000, are only applicable during the Online xchange Experience (OXE), to honor you for taking the leap of faith with us, during your initial OXE experience. To upgrade your membership, email and our team will be happy to support you.

Can I cancel at any time?

Membership is an annual commitment, which renews as a monthly commitment after your first 12 months of membership. Early Cancellation will be subject to a 50% fee. Please refer to our cancellation policy for more information.

How does the Zero-Risk Membership Promise work?

If within your first year of membership, if you have met all of the current certification requirements and do not believe that xchange has over delivered on our end, then we will be happy to provide you with a 100% money back guarantee, no questions asked.

Do you offer scholarships?

Yes, we offer a limited number of scholarships available to potential members. If you are interested, please request our scholarship form at: Once received, complete it, and submit it for consideration.

How can I use my guest pass?

Mentorship (Level 3) Members are given 1 guest pass to use per Online xchange Experience (OXE) and 1 guest pass to use per Awakening Conscious Leadership Experience (ACLE).

Guest passes can only be applied to events that occur during your current membership term.

For example – if you are a Level 3 member and your membership expires in September, you cannot use your Guest pass for a December OXE unless you renew as a Level 3 member. The guest pass would no longer be applicable if you were to renew as a Level 2 member, as that is a special benefit of the Level 3 membership.

Guest passes may only be used for non-members or inactive xchange members who have not yet attended either OXE or ACLE.

For more information on how to submit guest passes, please review the Getting Started Here, #2 on Membership Levels and Benefits.

How can I get a membership for my team or business partner?

We do offer discounts on group memberships when certain criteria are met. Contact an xchange team member for details.

Risk free

Try Membership Risk-Free

If you become a level 2 or 3 member, complete all xchange Certification requirements, and don’t believe it was worth the investment, we’ll refund 100%