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In 2019 HeartMath® Institute engaged xchange to support the design and facilitation of the Global Coherence Summit in Tulum, Mexico. Working side by side with Dr. Rollin McCraty, Jon and the xchange team helped HeartMath to infuse active learning, co-creative experiences, and ultimately convert their conference into a model that elevated meaningful connection and community building – with the HeartMath® research at the center of it all. Dr. McCraty and his team have collaborated closely to integrate xchange in their training offerings, which now reach tens of thousands of HeartMath® practitioners, trainers and certified facilitators. 

“The xchange facilitation method is deeply aligned with the work of HeartMath®. This approach to design and facilitation unlocks social and global coherence. There’s no doubt that this methodology is enabling heart to heart synchronization, even non-locally, when used online.”

Dr. Rollin McCraty

Director of Research, HeartMath® Institute

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