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When Jon Vroman founded Front Row Dads, the xchange approach was the operating system for designing and facilitating retreats.  In the early years, xchange was leveraged to invite the first members into a process of co-creating what eventually became the key values, pillars and ethos of the groups identity. 8 Years later, each online summit, as well as the in-person events are powered by xchange. Today, Front Row Dads represents a thriving community of 350 members. 

“In 2015, I called my good buddy Jon Berghoff, to help me launch Front Row Dads.  For the first few years, he generously facilitated our first retreats and events for our community. Today, our entire business still utilizes the xchange Approach as our operating system when we host events – in person, and online. We wouldn’t be here without xchange. There’s nobody in the world who I would trust more, with building community through powerful gatherings.”

Jon Vroman

Founder, Front Row Dads

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