Conscious Capitalism

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In 2016 Jon Berghoff met Joseph Jaworski, author of Synchronicity and Source, at a Cleveland, OH, Conscious Capitalism chapter gathering.  Joseph’s mentorship was not only central to the development of the xchange approach, but planted a seed that would blossom into an extraordinary partnership.  In 2022, Conscious Capitalism chose to intentionally evolve their annual CEO Summit, shifting to a facilitating experience, honoring the wisdom in the room and the opportunity to unlock a deeper sense of community.  2024 Marks the 3rd consecutive year that xchange will be designing and facilitating this annual CEO gathering.

Miracle Morning Hal Elrod 2
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“xchange is our official design and facilitation partner, not just because they know how to masterfully facilitate a discerning room of CEO’s, but because their approach is an embodiment of a conscious way to convene.”

Karen Sammon

CEO, Conscious Capitalism Inc

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