Learn the Neuroscience and Practices of Conscious Leadership

From Chaos to Clarity: Conscious Leadership as a Superpower In Times of Stress and Rapid Change

Cultivate awareness of your reactivity under stress and learn practices to enhance your presence and influence.

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ACL event with Adair and Jon

Elevate your Leadership, Expand your Influence

The Awakening Conscious Leadership Workshop is a unique interactive 2-hour immersion workshop that combines neuroscience and mindfulness to help you lead and live well from within. This workshop won’t just give you information about how to be a conscious leader, it will help you BECOME a conscious leader through embodiment and mindful practices to rewire your stress responses.

Doing the inner work to BE a conscious leadership is the only way to sustained change. You will leave the workshop empowered to navigate challenges with equanimity and creativity, and the ability to cultivate awareness in moments when you need it most.

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At the workshop you will learn how to:


Master Intentional Influence

Learn the neuroscience behind shaping your impact in high-pressure scenarios.


Regulate Your Response

Gain tools to manage stress and uncertainty, allowing you to maintain poise and presence in any situation.


Rewire For Resilience

Transform how you respond to challenging situations and difficult people, turning potential stressors into opportunities for growth and leadership.

Meet Your Guides

Adair Cates

Head of Conscious Leadership & Senior Trainer

As the heart and soul behind the Awakening Conscious Leadership Experience (ACLE) at xchange, Adair Cates collaborates with a renowned faculty of experts [Rollin McCraty, PhD (HeartMath®), Raj Sisodia (Conscious Capitalism), Margaret Wheatley (Author/Berkana Institute), Julianna Raye (Unified Mindfulness), and Lynne Twist (Soul of Money Institute)] merging neuroscience, mindfulness, and breathwork to elevate and accelerate influential leadership from the inside out.

She has designed and facilitated thousands of one-on-one and group conversations to unlock potential, promote well-being, and accelerate sustained change in organizations such as Microsoft, Meta (Facebook), EOS, TEDx and Conscious Capitalism.

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Jon Berghoff

Jon Berghoff

Founder of xchange

As the creator and founder of xchange, Jon Berghoff is considered a pioneer in the field of transformational group facilitation.

He is the collective wisdom whisperer to global CEO summits, leadership conferences, and high-stakes gatherings for organizations like Conscious Capitalism, Women Presidents Organization, HeartMath®, Arthur Page Society, NASA, Keller Williams and many more.

Over 15,000 coaches, consultants and change agents are now using xchange to redefine how we unlock potential at scale through transformational learning experiences.

“Conscious Leadership is the journey of a lifetime, this training gives you a toolbox to carry along your journey!”

~ Ron H.

“I have been awakened to tools to live each moment with my eyes and heart open.”

~ Priti C.

“The ACL Workshop brought me joy when I’ve been struggling to find it. I’m truly grateful for this time.”

~ Jackie R.

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Problems ACL Solves

Working professionals and leaders often face a variety of challenges that can be addressed through the Awakening Conscious Leadership (ACL) workshop.

Unlocking Human Potential At Scale

Some of these problems include:

  • Stress and burnout: Leaders often struggle with managing stress and preventing burnout, which can negatively impact their performance and well-being.
  • Reactive leadership: When faced with challenges, leaders often react impulsively or emotionally rather than responding thoughtfully and strategically.
  • Lack of self-awareness: Leaders may not be fully aware of their own strengths, weaknesses, and triggers, which can hinder their ability to lead effectively and authentically.

Other problems include:

  • Difficulty inspiring and motivating others
  • Poor communication and collaboration
  • Inability to adapt to change
  • Lack of work-life balance
  • Difficulty creating a positive work culture
  • Inability to manage conflict effectively
  • Lack of clarity and purpose
  • Empowering Global Transformation

    With 15,000 students worldwide, xchange is revolutionizing digital facilitation on a global scale.

  • Evidence-Based

    Unifying various disciplines, we offer a comprehensive, science-backed learning experience.

  • Highly Rated And

    Endorsed by a 9.5/10 student satisfaction rating, we stand as a respected leader in facilitation training.